I have a script to display all categories

$obj = new Mage_Catalog_Block_Navigation();
$store_cats = $obj->getStoreCategories();
$current_cat    = $obj->getCurrentCategory();
$current_cat    = (is_object($current_cat) ? $current_cat->getName() : '');

foreach ($store_cats as $cat) {
    if ($cat->getName() == $current_cat) {
        echo '<li class="current"><a href="'.$this->getCategoryUrl($cat).'">'.$cat->getName()."</a>\n<ul>\n";
        foreach ($obj->getCurrentChildCategories() as $subcat) {
            echo '<li><a href="'.$this->getCategoryUrl($subcat).'">'.$subcat->getName()."</a></li>\n";
        echo "</ul>\n</li>\n";
    } else {
        echo '<li><a href="'.$this->getCategoryUrl($cat).'">'.$cat->getName()."</a></li>\n";

But some of the categories are linked to a static block so i want to filter it out, anyone know how to do that?

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I guess you know how to join tables and get data form there. Rest i am telling you here.

If you do inspect element then you can see the name of that attribute for CMS Block is landing page. Now go to eav_attribute table and find that attribute there. In my case the id is 50 (Most probably for you too.). Now go to catalog_category_entity_int table and check which entity_id(category id) has value for attribute_id = 50. Rest category ids value will be NULL.

check the image here.

Hope you get the whole idea. Enjoy !!

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