Once an order is confirmed, i also confirm the shipment about that order.

So on Sales > order, i click the ship btn located in upper right side. Then, i write down the tracking code and submit the shipment!

btw it had been working well. Oneday i found that the the button of "submit shipping" is not working! enter image description here

I checked the bug report on chrom,firefox even internet edge and log file as well. i can see nothing wrong so can i guess it would be frontend issue that the website didn't recognize this one as button? I didn't change any other javascript and configuration of extension tho.becuase it is the clone site of our website.

Could you share what happened on my website?

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Solution for this question:

Problem resolved: Change the file: items.phtml


Change the function submitShipment to:

function submitShipment(btn) {
 var checkbox = $(btn).up('.order-totals').select('#create_shipping_label')[0];

 if (!validQtyItems()) {
  • @piyush Can you please tell what the error was?
    – mighty_hk
    Aug 20, 2018 at 13:05

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