MAGMI has been successfully set up on my Magento environment (and Magento was set up via MS's web platform installer and is kicked off via MS's Webmatrix), and I can use it quite happily to import products, change stock and prices. However, I'm now trying to automate this data import process.

I have enabled MAGMI Import URL plugin.

The folder structure on my webserver of the Magento set up is as follows:

enter image description here

The data .CSV files are being uploaded via FTP to /data/upload.

When I try to execute:

localhost:3502/magmi/web/magmi_run.php?mode=xcreate&profile=Orcus&engine=magmi_productimportengine:Magmi_ProductImportEngine&CSV:filename=/data/upload/muk_000000049_productupdate.csv -O /dev/null

MAGMI fails because it cannot find the .CSV data file with:

... Standard Attribute Import-1.1-Dweeves- 1:/data/upload/muk_000000049_productupdate.csv -O /dev/null not found - Import Ended

Why can't it find the file? What I am I doing wrong?


I found the solution, and it was two problems.

The URL was (slightly) incorrect and the path to the CSV is relative to the location of magmi_productimportengine.php

So, the corrected URL is:



But, wow, it's much, much slower than using MAGMI's UI to import the file.

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