<file> tag in layout file.

I have use one third party extension. In their layout file they have use the below code.

<action method="addJs">
     <file helper="rewardssocial/purchase_share/getJs" />

I don't know what the purpose of the file tag in that.

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Lets start from <action method="addJs">.

This is the same as calling


But if you take a look at methods signature, you will see that it has two parameters.

public function addJs($name, $params = "")

That means that content of tags

 <file helper="rewardssocial/purchase_share/getJs" />

will be passed as $name and $params values. Name of tags here means nothing.

Order is only important.

<file> tag has no content. But has helper attribute, which tells that the result of helper method execution will be passed as first attribute value.

So as a result this xml is equal to.


Also you can specify parameters which can be passed to your helper

<file helper="rewardssocial/purchase_share/getJs">
    <arg>Now with arg!</arg>
    <!-- more args here -->

This is equal to

Mage::helper('rewardssocial/purchase_share')->getJs('Now with arg!')

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