I have created a configurable product that has 5 variations. Configuration works great and simple boxes are made just fine. Now if I want to add a value option of one of attributes I get new products showing undefined.

Let's say I have product variation color and when I created thd configurable product originally i had 3 colors, red, blue and orange. and let's say my base sku for the configurable products is BASE.

So when I create the configurable product, magento creates simple products with name BASE-blue, BASE-red, and BASE-orange.

Now let's say I decided to add a new variation value for variation color, and its purple, so I go to the attribute, add purple, save, go to the configurable product, edit the configuration, add purple to the variable configuration, then once I finish the configuration dialog, magento says i'm making new simple product Undefined-purple, instead of BASE-purple. How can this issue be fixed ?

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