I set all the permissions and recommended by the documentation.

However, anyone can still see the log files from the browser since the var/log folder has read permission.

How is that handled ? by .htaccess? I have that file in place Maybe is not being recognized by the server ?

How can I fix this?



restrict just the log folder access to the group www-date

  • which user is writing your logs ? – Fodakty Apr 4 '17 at 18:04
  • 1
    this doesnt answer the question on "how is this handled?". The solution you are offering is just a patch and its not documented anywhere. – Daniel Benedykt Apr 4 '17 at 18:38
  • this is very bad answer. if you mean www-data then its already has read access to that folder, and it will not block anything from opening it... – MagenX Apr 5 '17 at 7:36

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