I have added a custom attribute in existing table catalog_category. The following code i have write in InstallData.php.

namespace BelVG\AdditionalImageTemplate\Setup;

use Magento\Framework\Setup\InstallDataInterface;
use Magento\Framework\Setup\ModuleContextInterface;
use Magento\Framework\Setup\ModuleDataSetupInterface;
use Magento\Catalog\Setup\CategorySetupFactory;

 * @codeCoverageIgnore
class InstallData implements InstallDataInterface {

     * Category setup factory
     * @var CategorySetupFactory
    private $categorySetupFactory;

     * Init
     * @param CategorySetupFactory $categorySetupFactory
    public function __construct(
    CategorySetupFactory $categorySetupFactory
    ) {
        $this->categorySetupFactory = $categorySetupFactory;

     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function install(
    ModuleDataSetupInterface $setup, ModuleContextInterface $context
    ) {
        $installer = $setup;
        $categorySetup = $this->categorySetupFactory->create(['setup' => $setup]);
        $entityTypeId = $categorySetup->getEntityTypeId(\Magento\Catalog\Model\Category::ENTITY);
        $attributeSetId = $categorySetup->getDefaultAttributeSetId($entityTypeId);        
                'catalog_category', 'additional_image', [
            'type' => 'varchar',
            'label' => 'Additional Image',
            'input' => 'image',
            'backend' => 'Magento\Catalog\Model\Category\Attribute\Backend\Image',
            'required' => false,
            'sort_order' => 100,
            'global' => \Magento\Eav\Model\Entity\Attribute\ScopedAttributeInterface::SCOPE_STORE,
            'group' => 'General Information',


This works fine and I got the entry in eav_attribute table. After that I created a Thumbnail Image in backend category form and that too works fine.

But I did not get where the actual values of the image I upload from backend side is stored and how to fetch that values?

Basically I need the image name and url of the image.

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    If its category attribute and type is varchar then catalog_category_entity_varchar should be the table. There you need to join eav_attribute and catalog_category_entity_varchar to get your desired value Apr 3, 2017 at 13:21

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The question is simple.

1,> Get Custom category attribute the attribute_id. To the eav_attribute table query attribute_code = custom.attribute.name.

2,> Query catalog_category_entity_varchar using attribute_id.

So, Custom attribute is stored in Database.catalog_category_entity_varchar.

Calling method:

// \Magento\Catalog\Model\CategoryFactory $categoryFactory,
$this->categoryFactory = $categoryFactory;
$currentCat = $this->categoryFactory->create()->load($modelId);
$catImg = $currentCat->getData('Custom category attribute name');

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