I want to move the product price on the right part.

Screenshot: enter image description here

The catalog product view root template is 2 columns right. I tried to find the block name using path hints so I can manipulate it from local.xml (test.xml in my case because I'm using custom theme) but I couldn't find it.

<?php echo $this->getPriceHtml($_product); ?> This is that piece of code that renders the product price in template/catalog/product/view.phtml but I can't figure whether this could be helpful or not.

If someone could tell me which is the right approach, I'd be very thankful!

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So you want to move the price after in/out of stock like on this page http://www.bebepunk.ro/excavator-cu-roata-port-cupe-lego-42055-technic.html ?

You can do it through CSS like below.

.product-view .product-shop .price-info{
    float: right;
    padding-left: 15px;
    text-align: right;

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