I want to add/modify some styles to styles-l.css, but i am unabl to identify the original path location, as i mentioned the below static content file path.


Can any one tell me the original location of the styles-l.css for the above path.

  • I was searching for this file at global file search in root folder, but no luck. – Krishna ijjada Apr 1 '17 at 13:51

styles-l.css and styles-m.css are files generated by less compiler from all module files. If you want to modify its content you need to create your own theme in app/design/frontend. In your theme create file module folder (ie. Magento_Checkout) and in it path like web/css/source/_module.less. In that less file add your own styles which will be included in the style-l.css. So if your theme is in app/design/frontend/MyStore/default then your styles for checkout should be in app/design/frontend/MyStore/default/Magento_Checkout/web/css/source/_module.less.

  • Thanks, the file is getting loaded by /app/design/frontend/Smartwave/porto/Magento_CatalogSearch/web/css/source/_modules.less – Krishna ijjada Apr 1 '17 at 15:10

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