I created a new product type, but doesn't need to have all product attributes - like price, stock, weight, etc. How can i remove the attributes only for one product type?

Here is a solution for Magento 1(no biggie to adjust it to Magento 2) by updating apply_to for the attribute. But that could make a lot of problems later on(for example, if you need to install a third party module which has a new product type and you forgot to add it into apply_to list).

My question: It there other way to remove product attributes for a specific product type?

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It is not possible to remove some of the attributes that you want to remove, for example: weight, price, sku and etc.If you go to admin panel -> Stores -> Attributes -> Attribute Set and if you open default attribute set you will see which one can't be removed /they have little red sign/. You can create attribute set from default attribute set and you can remove all attributes that are unnecessary.

How to do it programatically check on the link below.


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