I got a strange problem with email template for this case and can't find the correct template.

How to reproduce:

admin user => Admin -> customers -> manage customer ->... -> change password Now the user get's a mail. But which template?

It seems like it is not possible to manage this template in admin section in transaction emails?

I thought it would be this but it does not work

-> System -> Setting -> Customers -> customer configuration - > change Account Data => changed Email or Password email template

I tried

-> create new template + load default template of "changed Email or Password email template" => this has only effect on the case if a user itsel changes the password via Frontend / Client Dashboard


After long search i spoted this template:



If i do changes in this template it shows the done changes. But this can't be the correct way to handle it?

I got 5? languages in the store. Do I realy need to modify it on filesystem for each language? and all other templates via admin.

Would be great if someone could share his experience with this specific template.

  • Did you ever find the answer to this? Searching now. – MagentoAaron Feb 5 '19 at 20:27

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