I am using the following code on a form to use the validation.js library to validate the form. One of the validation files uses ./rules.js to extend the rules used within the validator which I have managed to overwrite. However {"validation":{}} is not the file that uses it. Can some body please show me?

I have not set a requirejs config in the module that I am doing this from.

I want to add a basic rule that comes back true or false every time just to start from somewhere.

data-mage-init='{"validation": {}}

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It's hard to answer your question without creating an example. So I suppose that you need to add your custom validation rule into your custom payment method in Magento 2.

Then, your method render js will look like this:

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/*global define*/
    function ($, ko, Component) {
        'use strict';

        $.validator.addMethod('validate-input-one', function (value) {
            return (value === $('#hidden-input-one').val());
        }, 'You have to select input 1 before place order.');

        $.validator.addMethod('validate-input-two', function (value) {
            return (value === $('#hidden-input-two').val());
        }, 'You have to select input 2 before place order.');

        return Component.extend({


             * Custompayment form validation
             * @returns {Boolean}
            validate: function () {
                var form = 'form[data-role=custompayment-form]';
                return $(form).validation() && $(form).validation('isValid');



Now, in your custom payment method template file:

<input type="text"
       data-validate="{required:true, 'validate-input-one': true}"
<input type="hidden" id="hidden-input-one" data-bind="value: inputOne" />

As you see, whenever the value attribute of #hidden-input-one is empty, #input-one will not pass the validation.


mage/validation is the key.

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