Magento has two relevant payment methods: Authorize.net and Authorize.net Direct Post. My assumption is that the Authorize.net method uses the AIM api, and the Authorize.net Direct Post uses the DPM api.

A comparison of the Authorize.net APIs can be found here: http://developer.authorize.net/api/compare/

The code seems to support my assumption based on these two models:


Can anyone confirm/deny this assumption?

  • I'm using Magento EE v
    – Ryre
    Mar 12, 2014 at 17:14

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The Paygate uses AIM and the Directpost uses Directpost API. You can confirm this yourself by looking at the code for the two implementations. The Authorizenet module has a controller and implementation for the responses expected by Authorize.net's Directpost API. The Authorize.net paygate implementation doesn't have a controller to receive responses from the Authorize.net API.

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