I am working on a magento 2 store and I am getting this weird issue.

The total count of the product on the pagination doesn't match the total number of product displayed on the category page.

Below screenshot would make my issue very clear.

enter image description here

Is anyone facing similar issue and has the fix please suggest. I'm not sure from where to start figuring this out.

What I have tried out:

  • I have completely re indexed the store.
  • I don't see such issue listed on magento2 issue github so not sure if it is generic issue of magento 2.
  • I tried upgrading to latest version of magento

Can anyone suggest anything?



I think Your magento instance is not showing all the products from that particular category. We had the same issue on two different stores even after running indexer.

Do this : Navigate to class Magento\Catalog\Model\Indexer\Category\Product\AbstractAction and change RANGE_CATEGORY_STEP constant from 500 to 5000;

now run the indexers. Now it should show the correct count.

I don't know precisely why this works. But I traced the indexer query to this particular line. You never face this issue on magento with less number of categories. With 500 as the constant value, catalog_category_product_index is not fully built. Please let me know what happens

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