Is there a way to activate the Varnish use using the command line, not the admin interface? In the bin/magento comand line tool there are options for cache but nothing specific for Varnish.

I am building an Ansible script that automatizes the installation and configuration of the M2EE and this step seems that has to be done manually (which I did and works well). I would prefer a command line action than changed direct values in the mySql, but maybe you have other suggestions.


How about adding mysql script.sql with the following contents:

insert into core_config_data(scope,scope_id,path,value) values ('default',0,'system/full_page_cache/caching_application',2), ('default',0,'system/full_page_cache/varnish/access_list','localhost'), ('default',0,'system/full_page_cache/varnish/backend_host','localhost'),('default',0,'system/full_page_cache/varnish/backend_port','8080');

You can change localhost and 8080 to your varnish settings.

  • thanks, as I said I would consider this my second option, as I see it "hackish" - because it modifies directly values in the db and overpassing whatever business logic M2 may have when doing the proper activation. – Elzo Valugi Mar 29 '17 at 11:06


./bin/magento config:set system/full_page_cache/caching_application 1

And follow the same patterns for the other paths, like so:

./bin/magento config:set system/full_page_cache/varnish/access_list localhost ./bin/magento config:set system/full_page_cache/varnish/backend_host localhost ./bin/magento config:set system/full_page_cache/varnish/backend_port 8080

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