I have a Magento store hosting mp3/mp4 as Downloadable Products. The storage capacity for the location of these products media\downloadable\files\links\ is limited and because of the amount of space that these files take, the drive is outgrowing substantially. My question, can the location of this files be linked to an attached storage, disk drive, or network drive other than the default location set by the Magento store? And if yes, what configuration/modules needs to be modified or is there an extension that can handle it? Thanks a lot for the help!


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The solution to this was to use Links for downloadable products, instead of Files. Files would take a lot of drive storage and would cause performance issues on the server that host the store. Basically, I created another server/container that could host the media files and link them to the Magento store. This solution is similar to a CDN (Content Delivery Network). It's more efficient and links are encrypted by default from the Magento store, meaning that the URL'S are secured and not pull in a RAW Format. I hope this could help someone, Thanks!

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