Is it necessary to learn Magento 1 for starting with Magento 2? and what are resources can i learn magento from it?


It is not necessary to learn Magento 1 as most things have changed between 1 and 2. Right now one of the best places is to go through the lessons on Magento U. Some other good blog posts are those from Alan Storm http://alanstorm.com/, Vinai Kopp http://vinaikopp.com/blog/list/. You could also look at the Devdocs.magento.com to help get started.


It is not necessary, but it helps. In addiction to the blog recommended by Brett (very good resources indeed) i suggest the Inchoo blog http://inchoo.net/category/magento-2/ (pretty simple) and the Alan kent blog https://alankent.me/category/magento/ for insights. Personally, I learn a lot by reading this forum. Good luck!

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