CMS pages (such as about-us, privacy-policy etc) link fine from root domain (such as domain.co.uk) and from domain.co.uk/category1.html. In this instance then the correct URL is domain.co.uk/about-us and the about-us page is displayed.

However when navigating to CMS pages from 2nd level category URL's (domain.co.uk/category1/category2.html), the link is domain.co.uk/category1/category2/about-us, and this generates a 404 page as the page doesn't exist.

What is the solution to this?

I'm using Magento 2.1.5.

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I think in magento static block your directly using '/about-us' , Instead of that try to use below code in href of your link:

href="{{store url="about-us"}}"

If your code is in template level then use below code for href:

$baseurl = $this->getBaseUrl();
href="<?php echo $baseurl.'about-us' ?>"

Same You can edit href to other static page links!

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