For this task i did below steps to achieve this task.Is it the right way to do this.

1. Created a customer group for non Tax : Tax Free Group.

2. Add a tax class from Sales -> Tax -> Customer Tax Classes : Tax Free

3. Add a new tax rate :Sales ->Tax -> Manage Tax Zones & Rates. Add a new tax rate, call it “Tax Free”, select your country, select “*” for state and zip, and give it a rate of 0. Save the new tax rate.

Finally assigned the tax class Tax Free to group Tax Free Group.

But in the check out or cart there aren't any tax showing for taxable customers too. Is my way correct to achieve my requirements?

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Magento 2

There's a few things you could try:

Go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Tax and make sure the appropriate categories are set to Enabled and the appropriate Tax Class and Calculation variables are set.

Go to Stores > Configuration > Customers > Create New Account and make sure your default customer group is set up correctly.

Go to Stores > Customer Groups and make sure your normal customer group has the correct Tax Class applied.

Make sure origin shipping address is set correctly under Stores> Configuration > Sales > Shipping Settings>Origin

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