The first time I configured the categories, I renamed the default category. Now, I need to change the default category because it is the first category to be shown when I go to the categories menu. So I added a new root category but I didn't see any options to set it as default.


You can make yoru root category as default category by following below steps :

  • Logged in to your magento2 admin panel
  • Click on Stores -> All stores -> it will display grid for all stores
  • Now click on Your main website store listed under the store column
  • You will see Root Category option over there -> Select category which you want to make it as a root

Click on save and checked it, it will work

Refer below screenshot for more details :

enter image description here

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  • Thank you but this is not what I was thinking. I should have put more details in my question. By default category, I mean the category which is selected by default when you go to the Products > Categories menu. Your answer help me to fix the issue. To do it, I just needed to create a new website which has the category that I want to be shown in first and set this website as default. Thank you ! – HellSea Mar 22 '17 at 8:59

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