I'm working in a default/default theme in Magento I would like to make a custom module that adds to categories of products(placed at the top menu) new subcategory called "View All" that displays all products from a given category, i.e.:

Category: Woman

Subcategories: New Arrivals, Tops & Blouses, Pants & Denim, Dresses & Skirts

Subcategories: View all, New Arrivals, Tops & Blouses, Pants & Denim, Dresses & Skirts.

I have got a very similar problem to this one: How to make "view all" link in topmenu with sub categories but I don't really know how to approach this problem anyway.
What steps (starting from scratch) should I take to achieve my goal?
I would be grateful for any help.

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You can take help from below file:


By default, View All functionality has been added into RWD theme of Magento. Since Magento team did not want to change layout of default theme, it introduced a completely new responsive theme known as RWD.

Please check code like below in renderer.phtml file and make changes in file of default theme accordingly:

if (!empty($_hasChildren)) {
        $html .= '<ul class="level'. $childLevel .'">';
        $html .=     '<li class="level'. $nextChildLevel .' view-all">';
        $html .=         '<a class="level'. $nextChildLevel .'" href="'. $child->getUrl() .'">';
        $html .=             $this->__('View All') . ' ' . $this->escapeHtml($this->__($child->getName()));
        $html .=         '</a>';
        $html .=     '</li>';
        $html .=     $this->render($child, $childrenWrapClass);
        $html .= '</ul>';

Please let me know if you find any problem.


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