I need that if the buyer buys more than for ex (200) of one product from (201), he will pay cheaper the product. I explain till item (200) he will pay 2 dollars and from item (201) he will pay 1 dollar. Is that possible?


You didn't specify a Magento version, so I'll use Magento 1.14/1.9 as the basis of my answer; though, the same thing could be created for Magento 2.

Sounds like you want to use customer segmentation and a custom price rule for that segment.

Basically you would create a customer segment with the condition like:

Customer segment conditions

Then you'd create a Shopping Cart Price Rule and specify the condition to be the customer segment you created:

Shopping Cart Price Rule conditions

Then just specify the product discount in the "Actions" tab.

The only downside is that the price won't change until it's in the cart. Otherwise, you'll need a custom module to add customer segments as a possible condition for Catalog Price Rules, or the module will have to change the price on its own based on customer segment.

  • i dont understand i need that only the products above 200 should be at a discounted price – user1619177 Mar 20 '17 at 9:00

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