I've taken over responsibility of a Magento installation. Since the installation requires updates and further progress I've decided to move a copy of the live shop to a local web server for testing puroses.

  1. I've setup a Centos 7 server with php56, mariadb an further more to meet the requirements.
  2. Moved the files from live server to local server - set directory permission to 0777
  3. cleared /tmp , /var/session and /var/cache folders
  4. Made database backup - imported database to local mariadb
  5. changed web/unsecure/base_url and web/secure/base_url entry from www.mysite.com to local-server-ip/magento-folder
  6. Edited app/etc/local.xml

When I open the site (local-server-ip/magento/index.php) in browser the side loads but not the theme. And when I click on any link it redirects me to local-server-ip/magento/store_name and I got an error "File not found".

I assume the second issue is due to some SEO configuration but I don't know where this could be fixed.

Someone may know of this behavior and help to fix this?

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I've got it to work.

For anyone else who mess with this issue, those threads helped me to got it to work:
Production clone behaving differently
Magento URLs other than home page do not work without index.php

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