We're developing 10-12 internal M2 extension for a big corporate client. These all load via Composer. Developers had this node in three of the extensions.

    <module name="Magento_Backend"/>

This caused our /app/etc/config.php array to be out of order with the primary effect being that Magento_Customer loaded before Magento_Theme and broke widget positioning (I'm sure there were other issues but I didn't need to look any further). Similar to this


After digging around for a day, I discovered a workaround was to remove

<module name="Magento_Backend"/> 



in just one of the extensions.

I'm guessing we created a circular dependency and I've read that Magento will give up using the positions if it discovers a circular dependency in bin/magento setup:upgrade but not sure why removing it from one of three made a difference.

In developer mode, I would've expected an entry in the logs but there wasn't anything.

I'd like to report it as a bug but not sure if it actually is one.

Has anyone else experienced their /app/etc/config.php being strangely out of order?

Thanks, Wilson

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