I downloaded a free theme Ves Fasony. I copied and pasted the file in this directory app/design/frontend/

But in the theme that I downloaded, there is a code folder and is no code folder under app folder in magento 2.1.3

Where should I put it? Am I installing it in a wrong way?

  • Create app/code folder & put inside
    – Jackson
    Mar 17, 2017 at 3:50

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To install the theme in magento 2 manually you must need to know about directory structure of magento2.

  • like for design you need to put files in app/design folder
  • like for modules you need to put files in app/code folder
  • also for sql file you need to import that sql file in your database
  • For images you need to put your images file in pub/media folder

So here if code folder is not there you need to create it .

For more reference how to install theme manually follow this link - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39995942/installing-magento2-theme


You have to create it. So it will look like:



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