Question : Once Registered user upload custom image [custom image is Image which is uploaded by User ] in product view page & click on button "Save design" , we are creating Product Programatically . We want to upload that custom image to newly created product programatically.

Now we are using below code to upload existing image [ already saved image in server ] programatically.

protected function _createProduct($type, $doSave=true, $originalProduct) 

        $product = Mage::getModel('catalog/product');

        // finally set custom data

        // add product images

        $images = array(
            'thumbnail'   => 'image.png',
            'small_image' => 'image.png',
            'image'       => 'image.png',

        $dir = Mage::getBaseDir('media') . DS . 'example/amasty/';

        foreach ($images as $imageType => $imageFileName) {
            $path = $dir . $imageFileName;
            if (file_exists($path)) {
                try {
                    $product->addImageToMediaGallery($path, $imageType, false);
                } catch (Exception $e) {
                    echo $e->getMessage();
            } else {
                echo "Can not find image by path: `{$path}`<br/>";

        if ($doSave)
        // To save inside my_designs

        $data = array('title'=>fav1_id,'product_id'=>$product->getId(),'customer_id'=> $customerId, 'value'=>image);
        $model = Mage::getModel('example/mydesign')->setData($data);
        $fav1_id = $model->save()->getId();
        echo "Custom Design saved successfully";
          } catch (Exception $e)
            echo $e->getMessage();   
        // To save inside my_designs end

        return $product;

Sidenote : Once Registered user upload custom image in product view page & click on Add to cart, we are saving Custom image in Server in path : media/custom_options/quote and displaying image path in Table : sales_flat_quote_item_options

  • Sorry I'm working on Magento 2 – Ankit Shah Mar 16 '17 at 7:58
  • The code you provided does not include code to upload for, I think it's just to add button. – Neha Raval Mar 17 '17 at 4:22
  • @NehaRaval code in question will create product programtically & upload image which is already present in server. but i need to upload custom image to the programtically created product. – Baby in Magento Mar 17 '17 at 5:11
  • @NehaRaval please check edit part in question...... – Baby in Magento Mar 17 '17 at 6:53

I think error in below line

instead of

  $dir = Mage::getBaseDir('media') . DS . 'example/amasty/';

Try below on

  $dir = Mage::getBaseDir('media') . DS . 'custom_options/quote/';

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