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Hey, I just installed Magento and try to upload a new product all goes well but when I try to upload an image it uploads to 100% and then I am getting a " File was not uploaded." error.

Could someone help?




What are the permissions on your media folder? Most likely you don't have correct permissions on that folder.

/media and /var should be 700/600.


  • I have Owner: rwx Group: r-x Others: r-x for both folders
    – Denys
    Mar 15 '17 at 8:07

I'll recommend you, you can use this extension because I was already facing issues like you. but after using this extension my issue was resolve and now it's working fine.

Extension link: https://github.com/openstream/No-Flash-Image-Uploader


I had to delete

throw new Exception('File was not uploaded.', $code);

for Uploader.php

and its works perfectly

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