I have migrated a site from to 2.1.4 and there is a customer attribute customerno that was added from a module called Fontis_Customer. The old module has a file:


class Fontis_Customer_Model_Entity_Setup extends Mage_Customer_Model_Entity_Setup
        'customerno' => array(
                'label'         => 'Customer Number',
                'visible'       => true,
                'required'      => true,

After migration it carried this attribute over and is preventing checkouts. When I click the button to checkout I get the error message The value of attribute "customerno" must be set I ran a query:

mysql> select * from eav_attribute ea INNER JOIN customer_eav_attribute cea ON cea.attribute_id = ea.attribute_id WHERE ea.frontend_label LIKE '%Customer%' \G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
         attribute_id: 140
       entity_type_id: 1
       attribute_code: customerno
      attribute_model: NULL
        backend_model: NULL
         backend_type: varchar
        backend_table: NULL
       frontend_model: NULL
       frontend_input: text
       frontend_label: Customer Number
       frontend_class: NULL
         source_model: NULL
          is_required: 0
      is_user_defined: 0
        default_value: NULL
            is_unique: 0
                 note: NULL
         attribute_id: 140
           is_visible: 1
         input_filter: NULL
      multiline_count: 1
       validate_rules: NULL
            is_system: 0
           sort_order: 0
           data_model: NULL
      is_used_in_grid: 0
   is_visible_in_grid: 0
is_filterable_in_grid: 0
is_searchable_in_grid: 0

and I saw that the field is_required was set to 1. I set it to 0 thinking that would solve the problem but it doesn't. Is there somewhere else that this value is set to required in the database?

EDIT: I should note that I would prefer to do it at the database level instead of creating a module to do it for me.

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Take a look : vendor/magento/module-eav/Model/Entity/Attribute/Backend/AbstractBackend.php::validate()

if ($attribute->getIsVisible()
    && $attribute->getIsRequired()
    && $attribute->isValueEmpty($value)
    && $attribute->isValueEmpty($attribute->getDefaultValue())
 ) {
       throw new LocalizedException(__('The value of attribute "%1" must be set', $attrCode));

As we can see, this message occurs when: (using and conditions)

  • is_visible set to 1.
  • is_required set to 1.
  • This attribute has no value.

In your case, after changing is_required to 0, the checkout process should works. Should try again with:

  • Try to re-index database again.

  • Clear Magento Cache.

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    Clearing the cache and re-indexing did the trick! thanks Commented Mar 12, 2017 at 4:47

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