On the same page I have several custom product grids with above them a filter toolbar.

To simplify the case :

<?php foreach ($grids as $id => $grid): ?>
    <div class="container">
        <div id="item-<?php echo $id; ?>"
            <div class="filter-container">
                <!-- ko template: getTemplate() --><!-- /ko -->
                <script type="text/x-magento-init">
                    "#item-<?php echo $id; ?>": {
                        "Magento_Ui/js/core/app": {
                           "components": {
                                "filter": {
                                    "component": "Foo_Bar/js/filter",
                                    "template": "Foo_bar/filter",
                                    "config": {
                                        "currentElement": "#item-<?php echo $id; ?>"
            <ul class="products-list">
               <li class="product">Product 1</li>
               <li class="product">Product 1</li>
               <li class="product">Product 1</li>
               <li class="product">Product 2</li>
<?php endforeach; ?>

My JS Component file :

# \Foo\Bar\view\frontend\web\js\filter.js

], function ($, Component) {
    'use strict';

    return Component.extend({
        defaults: {
            template: 'Foo_Bar/filter'
        options: {
            option1: 'option1',
            option2: 'option2'
        initialize: function () {
            this.getTrigger().on('click', $.proxy(this.triggerFilter, this))
        triggerFilter: function (event) {
        applyFilters: function () {
            // logic
        getCurrentElement: function () {
            return $(this.currentElement);

With that I would like that my filter component is linked to the <div id="item-<?php echo $id; ?>"> element that I can work with the <ul class="products-list"> element.

My questions are :

  • Is JS Component + KOJS template the best way / practice to perform that?
  • Do I have to simply use Magento block + Magento template + RequireJS plugin?
  • Is there a simple way to retrieve the current targeted element in UiComponent without using config node as in my example for the KOJS way?

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