Running a Magento 2.1.3 store. The checkout never fully loads as an error is being generated on post-code.js in (Chrome):

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'US' of undefined
at UiClass.update (post-code.js:32)
at setNested (objects.js:43)
at Object.nested (objects.js:117)
at UiClass.set (element.js:301)
at updateValue (links.js:57)
at setLink (links.js:144)
at links.js:165
at Registry._resolveRequest (registry.js:413)
at Registry._addRequest (registry.js:380)
at Registry.get (registry.js:224)

And in Firefox:

TypeError: options is undefined

The lines that that references are:

var country = registry.get(this.parentName + '.' + 'country_id'),
            options = country.indexedOptions,

        if (!value) {

        option = options[value];

I haven't managed to find any similar problems online and have really gotten stock.

Any advise welcome.

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