In Magento 2.1.4, I created custom template in backend.

Company/Module/Block/Adminhtml/Edit/Custom has template Company_Module::html/custom.phtml.

custom.phtml code:

<div class="sample">

Now I want to create a custom_ui.xml and set this into block. How to made it?

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I don't think you are able to implement a ui component directly inside a .phtml file.

Implementing a ui-component to a page, is done by adding the ui-component to a layout xml file like:

<uiComponent name="..."/>

so if you just want to try to add some surrounding tag around your ui component, you maybe can try using a container layout handle around it.

Or by adding the ui-component to a child block of your current block and render the child block inside your template.

(Well meanwhile im working with 2.3.x, but i know this also works on 2.2.x ... i actually do not know how things were back at 2.1.x)

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