I have found many questions from people who have had the same problem. But I cannot find a solution.

All customers who register on the front end (default Store, Website ID: 1) should be associated to admin.

I´m forced to allow login on all websites, so customers can login on the front end.

Anyone have an idea on how this bug can be solved?


enter image description here


You can do this in the back end by doing the following:

  1. Go to System->Configuration
  2. Select Website Configuration Scope: (default Store, Website ID: 1)
  3. Go to Customers->Customer Configuration
  4. In Create New Account Options select the group you want to use.


  • Thank you for the solution, unfortunately, customers become only a fixed customer group, the associate to website is still "Admin". – ManuHH Mar 6 '17 at 15:01
  • Sorry but I'm not sure what you mean – Mike Tim Turner Mar 6 '17 at 15:10
  • habe place a screenshot in post. – ManuHH Mar 8 '17 at 15:14

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