we are using Queldorei Shopper theme @ shirtsofholland.com. We have many clients asking about our checkout: unclear, many steps etc ...

I was wondering what I can do, because we urgently need to increase conversion. I am thinking across 2 lines and my question is:

a. install a onepagecheckout extension

  • But which one is fully compatible with my theme Queldorei shopper? we dont want conflicting JS etc and redoing the whole layout
  • And, does it also work on both desktop + mobile? (responsive, very important!!!)

b. improve current checkout (because already responsive)

  • But hen, how do I Remove step 1 for login/guest -> always guest
  • and how do I Set shipping to default to - same as billing
  • An how to add coupon code box to last step (so we can skip the cart)

It seems that both ways have good and bads. But I dont know what the optimal way to go is.

Of course we use analytics. And we see a large % exiting the funnel on multiple points. Hence this question. We see a couple of things as very imporant:

  1. directly to checkout, pref no cart
  2. no login/guest -> directly to address
  3. All fields pref automically filled, default options ticked
  4. Maybe a retrieve from FB/Twitter login button to help speed up
  5. Product images & coupon code in last step (so no need for a cart view)

thanks, Sean


The best way to improve conversion is to look at your analytics and see why your customers aren't converting.

Check the goal funnel throughout the checkout process and see if you are actually losing any customers at any stage of checkout - if you aren't then you don't need to make changes there.

This isn't a developer question - so there is no right or wrong answer. This is strictly on-site marketing and ux - and making improvements or fixes are absolutely not 1-size-fits-all.

You need to make informed decisions that suit your product range and customer demographic - based on statistical research and facts gathered from your own website (not what you read online).

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