I found on Stackexchange 1 similar question from feb 2016. The solution offered then does not work anymore.

Chrome ignores all autocomplete="xxx" tags. The problem is that all addresses are stored wrong.

Because Magento uses 2 fields for street and number, Chrome Autocompletes it wrong.

It should be: Name Street Number Zipcode City

But Chrome makes it: Name Street Number Street Number Zipcode City

So now all variations of autocomplete="xxx" are ignored by Chrome, what can I do to prevent the wrong autocomplete?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance, John

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You can try the autocomplete="off" in your field.

If it does not work, try this fix:

<input id="email" readonly type="email" onfocus="if (this.hasAttribute('readonly')) { this.removeAttribute('readonly');
// fix for mobile safari to show virtual keyboard
this.blur();    this.focus();  }" />

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