I installed Magento 2.2.0-dev. I created a new customer and a new product. I created an order and invoicing. Everything OK. I also can hold and reorder. But when I go to put the order shipping they generate a error. And don't let me do it.

Exception #0 (RuntimeException): Renderer for type "simple" does not exist. Any ideas.


Magento v2.2.0-dev is not a stable version. Suffix -dev tells you that it's used only for Magento Core development purposes. It may work tomorrow after the issue is fixed, but also it may not work 7 days from now because of new commits.

That's why you should work only with stable versions, like Magento CE v2.1.5.

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This is known issue and has appeared of merging PR #8353 but it already fixed on develop branch 96de0c6.

Try to get latest develop branch and clear generated and var directories, if the issue is still present, please, create a new issue on Magento2 GitHub.

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