I want to some changes in category Description how can I edit this file?

its calling from. app/design/frontend/default/spazeapparel/template/catalog/category/view.php

<?php if($_description=$this->getCurrentCategory()->getDescription()): ?>
<div class="category-description std">
    <?php echo $_helper->categoryAttribute($_category, $_description, 'description') ?>
<?php endif; ?>

But i am unable to find particular description file .

  • you can description from adminpanel,so why you want to change programetically ? – Murtuza Zabuawala Feb 28 '17 at 6:52
  • You can update category description from Admin panel > Catalog > Manage Categories > Description field. – Jaimin Sutariya Feb 28 '17 at 6:52
  • @thanks For reply i want to add dome **div ** and jquery Functions – Grace Feb 28 '17 at 7:03
  • Then add it in view.phtml you got the file @Grace – Gopal Patel Feb 28 '17 at 7:13
  • @ Gopal Patel . I am using theme there already Define some div So I want to change that Div name But still i am unable to fine that file – Grace Feb 28 '17 at 7:30

Can you access the files directly?

If so you need to activate the handy dandy template path hints.

Just go into your magento admin.

Go to System > Configuration > Current Configuration Scope > Select Default Store View (or what you default named your store)

When it has activated the scope of the Default Store go to Advanced > Developer > Debug > Template Path Hints > Yes

Then go to System > Cache Management and Disable all the Cache.

Now go to the front end and view the page you want to have changes on.

You will see this: enter image description here

Take note of the paths by taking a screenshot or listing down the paths.

Go back to the settings and do the Default Store go to Advanced > Developer > Debug > Template Path Hints > (Set to) No

You will then have the reload the page at the frontend without the path hints.

Use the paths to find where you need to copy the file from or edit the theme file.

And when you are done editing and everything is working fine.

Go back to the cache and enable them again.

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    my issue solved that class or div coming from custom js Files – Grace Feb 28 '17 at 11:12

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