In our Magento store (1.9 CE) we have some Simple products which fit multiple applications.
So we want to create a Bundle product for each application and include the Simples in them.
The problem lies that we need a layer of data to explain the position/info for that part in that application. This varies depending on the Bundle so we can't store this data in the Simple product.
eg: Simple 'A' goes into Bundle '1' and '2'
In Bundle '1', 'A' is 'Front' but in Bundle '2', 'A' is 'Rear'
So we need a way of storing a value for each instance of a Simple product within a Bundle.

So if it's practical we need a way of adding this data in to each instance of a Simple product in a Bundle bundle simple variable admin

then we can pull that on the front end bundle simple variable front end

Is it practical to input and store data at this level of the bundle? Would it end up in catalog_product_bundle_selection ?

  • Not saying this is the answer, but looking at the data that is already provided but not in use- couldn't you use the position attribute to determine where each simple goes? – Mikel Bitson Feb 22 '17 at 18:10

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