I am using Paypal Express Checkout payment gateway. When you checkout using express checkout, it will redirect to paypal page. On the top left I need to display my store logo instead of text.

So far I have figured out that the API used is SetExpressCheckout API Operation (NVP)

In this there is a field named HDRIMG which sets the logo. In core_config_data table this can be seen with path paypal/style/paypal_hdrimg. If the logo URL is set from DB then it shows the logo on paypal page, but I need to set it from

public function start($returnUrl, $cancelUrl)

located at


Any help is appreciated.

Thanks !!

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This can be set via the admin config section and so you do not have to set it in the code.

Simply navigate to System->Config->Payment Methods->Paypal Express Checkout then select the configuration button. From here you can find the setting under Advanced Settings->Frontend experience settings

At this point you are allowed to set the full url (recommended to be https) for the image that you want to show during paypal express checkout.

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