I am trying to reset Magento devbox after restarting my mac and i keep getting the following error when running the command in the root folder.

user-iMac:build-7204cee62e1e6ccb35bbdfc977c5e522 user$ m2devbox-reset.[bat|sh] -bash: m2devbox-reset.[bat: command not found -bash: sh]: command not found

  • Thanks for your help. I was reading the documentation and it said use m2devbox-reset.[bat|sh] What it should have said is use m2devbox-reset.sh on mac and m2devbox-reset.bat on windows. – walksaus Feb 23 '17 at 2:37

Verify that you've downloaded the macOS version (which contains .sh scripts) and not the Windows Pro version (which contains .bat files). If you have the correct version, try running this from your build directory


Or, to initialize the containers


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