Is there a way to limit the maximum amount for a order only for some countrys and with different amount per country?

So e.g. Orders from Germany can be 500€ at max. excluding shipping, but orders from switzerland can be 800€ and for other countrys there is no limit?


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The following article from Branko Ajzele should give a push in the right direction. http://inchoo.net/ecommerce/magento/magento-maximum-allowed-order-amount/

The next step perhaps would be by creating a configuration in the admin to configure a maximum order amount per country by ISO-code. The country ID to match with the configured ISO code can be fetched from the address data in the quote object, which is part of the checkout session.

  • thanks. Now if only messages in the cart would work... But that's another problem!
    – Josef
    Commented Mar 6, 2014 at 6:55

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