I have two website and both are developed by magento 1.9.x vesion.

As Example:

1. www.example1.com
2. www.example2.com

Now I need to show product list in www.example1.com from www.example2.com of some particular category through SOAP/REST API.

I go through the Magento 1.x REST API But I didn't find any solutions.

  • What error you are facing? – Dhiren Vasoya Feb 18 '17 at 9:23

If you want to show only the product list for a specific category on your site, then you can use rest API to fetch specific category's product from other site and make a custom collection then showing it on your destination site.

If you want to show the specific category product on your site and customer able to Add to cart , then you have to create product in your destination site.

Note: when you create product on your destination server,that time make sure product price are same as source server.

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