I just inherited a Magento site. The last guy left without leaving any notes/documentation. :) I know we're using AMFPC because the module is installed and enabled, and the business team has a process to flush it at certain times (and the site gets a little bit slower when they do this until the cache is warmed up). I'm trying to figure out where the cache is actually storing data.


Is it on disk somewhere? Or is it on a separate cache server?

More Context

We have a cache server running memcached so I'm wondering how I can tell if AMFPC is pointed at memcached somehow. We have 2 web servers so I'm hoping it's a distributed cache so it can be shared between both servers, but I don't know how to check.

I checked app/etc/amfpc.xml as well as the module in Magento Admin but couldn't find anything.

Can someone explain how to trace what is backing the AMFPC?

Update 1

I checked folders in MAGENTO_ROOT/var and found the full_page_cache and amasty_cache are both empty:

[myuser@webserver var]$ ls
amasty_fpc  cache  full_page_cache  locks  log  report  resource_config.json  sli  tmp
[myuser@webserver var]$ du amasty_fpc/
4   amasty_fpc/
[myuser@webserver var]$ du full_page_cache/
4   full_page_cache/mage--tags
16  full_page_cache/
[myuser@webserver var]$ sudo du cache/
80  cache/mage--b
3048    cache/mage--d
256 cache/mage--7
3200    cache/mage--9
340 cache/mage--5
308 cache/mage--1
224 cache/mage--4
101584  cache/mage--f
852 cache/mage--6
552 cache/mage--2
5212    cache/mage--3
3220    cache/mage--c
236 cache/mage--8
8504    cache/mage--e
3000    cache/mage--0
200 cache/mage--a
130820  cache/

However, cache appears to be populated. Not sure what that one does anyway. I also checked app/etc/local.xml and found this:


That matches the IP and port of my memcached server so I think it's safe to say we are using memcached for saving session data.

I didn't find anything useful in app/etc/enterprise.xml or in app/etc/amfpc.xml.

Is there any definitive place to look to see where AMFPC is storing the cached pages?

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Congrats for inheriting a Magento site :). I'm a big fan of Amasty's full page caching system. It works really well, usually without any tricky configuration.

On a single server installation, the cache files are often going to be in the /var/ directory.

If you're running two front end Web servers, then it is more likely that it's in a memcached instance or reddis location that can be easily accessed by both servers.

I would check the local.xml file in the /app/etc/ directory - this is usually where the location to the reddis or memcached instance is referenced.

Quick edit: I just noticed that you're running Magento Enterprise 1.13; that has it's own full page caching system. (Usually we wouldn't see Amasty full page cache running on an Enterprise site, as full page cache is a built-in feature of Magento Enterprise.) There's also another xml file to check in the /app/etc/ directory that deals with full page caching as well; I think it's the enterprise.xml file, so check there.

  • Thanks, @Jeff Finkelstein. I'll check those locations. I know we tried using the built-in FPC before my time, but Amasty was supposedly better when we tried so we stuck with it.
    – skb
    Feb 17, 2017 at 21:53
  • I updated the question for more details. TY!
    – skb
    Feb 17, 2017 at 22:08

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