I would like to update Magento 2 from 2.1.3 to 2.1.4. While readiness check I get this error and hint:

PHP Settings Check *

Your current PHP memory limit is 256M. Magento 2 requires it to be set to 756M or more. As a user with root privileges, edit your php.ini file to increase memory_limit. (The command php --ini tells you where it is located.) After that, restart your web server and try again.

*In some cases, you might have two PHP configuration files: one for the PHP command line and for the web server. If so, make the change in both php.ini files. For details, see the php.ini reference.

When I look at the phpinfo info page it’s correct:

memory_limit 768M

with php —ini I get this path’s:

[~/www/magento]# php --ini
Configuration File (php.ini) Path: /opt/alt/php56/etc
Loaded Configuration File:         /opt/alt/php56/etc/php-cli.ini
Scan for additional .ini files in: /opt/alt/php56/link/conf
Additional .ini files parsed:      /opt/alt/php56/link/conf/alt_php.ini

PHP.ini file for php-cli

[~/www/magento]# php -i |grep php\.ini
Configuration File (php.ini) Path => /opt/alt/php56/etc
Additional .ini files parsed => /opt/alt/php56/link/conf/alt_php.ini

in php.info i get this path’s

Configuration File (php.ini) Path   /opt/alt/php56/etc
Loaded Configuration File   /opt/alt/php56/etc/php.ini
Scan this dir for additional .ini files :/home/xxx/etc/php_settings/conf.d
Additional .ini files parsed    /opt/alt/php56/link/conf/alt_php.ini, /home/xxx/etc/php_settings/conf.d/00-mycyon.ini

It is not my own webserver, so I can only edit this file:


The hosting provider says the 00-mycyon.ini file overwrite the others.

But I get still the same error.

How can I find the right php.ini file which magento use? Or is it possible to say magento that it take this php.ini file: /home/xxx/etc/php_settings/conf.d/00-mycyon.ini

Thanks for every hint or idea!

  • I know, thats not the answer, but consider upgrading to PHP7. This MIGHT solve your problem.
    – Max
    Feb 16, 2017 at 13:57
  • Thanks for you answer. I already tried to update but than i have the same problem. Phpinfo shows php Version 7 but Magento still show Version 5.6. I think the problem is that they use different php.ini files.
    – Ayline
    Feb 16, 2017 at 15:49

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I found a solution. Maybe it is also helpful for someone else.

I found this info: http://magento-quickies.alanstorm.com/post/152908661755/your-current-php-memory-limit-is-128m-and-other

The problem is that the Readiness Check is dependent on the Cronjob.

The cronjob was displayed to me as correct, but it pointed to another php version than I thought.

So I changed it from:

/usr/local/bin/php /home/pitecch/public_html/magento/bin/magento cron:run | grep -v "Ran jobs by schedule" >>


php -c /home/xxx/etc/php_settings/conf.d/00-mycyon.ini /home/pitecch/public_html/magento/bin/magento cron:run | grep -v "Ran jobs by schedule" >>

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