I was trying to split my order based on the seller selling the product. I was able to split my order by overriding the saveOrder() function. But, the order totals were not splitting. The totals appearing was of the complete order.

So, I want to know how are the totals of the order are saved so that the totals could be split.

P.S.- I am using onepage checkout.

Please help.

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At Mage_checkout_Model_Type_Onepage, you can split your order

@vinai Has been nicely explain on Magento multiple order on one checkout or order splitting

As you have using onepage checkout. may be your extension does not using Mage_checkout_Model_Type_Onepage 's saveOrder. then you need find the relative function/class which is do the same

  • I am able to split my order but the calculation of Subtotal and Grand total is not changed. It shows the amount of the entire order. I tried the solution you provided in the answer. It did not work. I am not able to place order now. @AmitBera Commented Feb 16, 2017 at 13:44

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