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My magento instance is C.E -

And at my instance Supee-8788 not installed Yet.

So, i want to know which Supee-8788 version need to be install for my instance ? V1 or V2!!

Magento download only give us to download supee-8788-V2.

Currently my system have below patches:

  • SUPEE-5344
  • SUPEE-1533
  • SUPEE-5998
  • SUPEE-6285
  • SUPEE-6482

My question is which patch are required to install at C.E. -

  • SUPEE-3941 is required to installed ?

  • SUPEE-8788 v1 is required to installed ?

  • SUPEE-8788 v2 is required to installed ?

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Apply patch SUPEE-3941 followed by SUPEE-8788 V2. You should be all set!

  • Aha. Paras sood.. it is working – Amit Bera Feb 16 '17 at 21:29

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