My Sql is Below :

SELECT `main_table`.* FROM `tab` AS `main_table` WHERE (`main_table`.`list_id` = '36') AND (`active` = '1') AND (`start_datetime` <= '2017-02-14 09:13:58')  OR main_table.debug = 1

I know use by

$collection->addFieldToFilter('list_id', 36)
       ->addFieldToFilter('start_datetime', '2017-02-14 09:13:58')

to equivalent WHERE (main_table.list_id = '36') AND (active = '1') AND (start_datetime <= '2017-02-14 09:13:58')

But How can I do to equivalent

      OR main_table.debug = 1

If you are looking for SQL query equivalent to your collection with filter then printLogQuery function will work for you.

 $collection->addFieldToFilter('list_id', 36)
   ->addFieldToFilter('start_datetime', '2017-02-14 09:13:58');

$collection->printLogQuery(true); OR $collection->getSelect()->__toString();

Above code will give you the complete SQL query equivalent to your collection

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