I am using Magento-1.9 version. I cant login at the back end with the IP address of my workplace. But at home it is working and for other networks also working.

I get a blank/white screen after login. I've tried to clean cache and browser settings everything.

In the var files i don't have error log. I upgraded my magento version 1 year ago.

This is what i see in my .htaccess file

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_METHOD} ^TRAC[EK] RewriteRule .* - [L,R=405]
  • I use magento 1.9 – Ebubekir Aksu Feb 14 '17 at 9:00
  • check error log or browser console? – MagenX Feb 14 '17 at 9:43
  • Have you upgraded version recently ? – Mrunmay Deswandikar Feb 14 '17 at 10:19
  • Hello, @Magenx i checked but nothing what i can see. In the var files i dont have error log – Ebubekir Aksu Feb 14 '17 at 10:22
  • @MagentoDeveloper no almost 1 year ago. – Ebubekir Aksu Feb 14 '17 at 10:23

I've found the solution.


i was on the blacklist unfortunately.

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  • Good. This my also help others. But think again once, because the extension is not free version ! – Mrunmay Deswandikar Feb 14 '17 at 10:55

you need to refresh cache of your magento

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