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Recently I'm trying to migrate our website from Magento1 to Magento 2. I want to move complete website, where we have lot of third party custom extensions

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you can only migrate data from magento1 to magento2

you cannot migrate whole extension to magento2 ,

you have to recode those extension for magento2 or ask extension providor to create those extension for magento2

magento1 and magento2 has different file and code structure so you only can migrate data not code

you can refer this post for migrate your site: https://community.magento.com/t5/Version-Upgrades/How-to-upgrade-Magento-1-9-2-to-2-0/td-p/23920


Firstly you have to install migration tool please refer this site and follow the steps described. Very easily your site will migrate to magento-2. Make sure your magento 2 is installed using composer.

Below is the link to follow --


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