I need to make connection in magento say a php file where i can make connection to MS SQL Server. can anyone please let me know how can i do this.

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As Magento is heavily tied to MySQL you will need to use plain PHP or try it with the Zend Framework DB Adapter: Check out the mssql_connect function on php.net and Zend_Db_Adapter.

Also you need to make sure the needed MSSQL extension is enabled in your php.ini file, for example extension=php_mssql.dll

To store the username, password and host I suggest you use the same way in app/etc/local.xml just as Magento does it. You can then afterwards access the data in your PHP file.

app/etc/local.xml example:

            <!-- your default mysql setup here -->

access the data from local.xml to use in your PHP script:

$host = (string)$config->global->resources->mssql_setup->connection->host;
$username = (string)$config->global->resources->mssql_setup->connection->username,
$password = (string)$config->global->resources->mssql_setup->connection->password;
$dbname = (string)$config->global->resources->mssql_setup->connection->dbname;

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