I was trying to reboot the index with the shell/indexer.php script (because my new categories are not displaying on my megamenu) and after using this script my products are not showing some custom attributes (that I normally show on home, like unit_weight). But it's happening only for this 'bestsellers' block:

{{block type="filterproducts/bestsellers_home_list" category_id="16" name="offer_list" product_count="5" column_count="5" template="filterproducts/grid.phtml"}}

When I use the 'latest' it works fine:

{{block type="filterproducts/latest_home_list" name="home_list" product_count="100" column_count="6" template="filterproducts/grid.phtml"}}

The block's permission is activated. I really don't know what is wrong :(


please check if filterproducts/bestsellers_home_list has allow yes permission in admin Panel

system -> Permission -> Blocks

if no add it and set is allowed Yes.

Clear cache and check .

wish it could help.

  • Thanks, but I've already tried these things. It doesn't changed anything :( – Rafael Miller Feb 10 '17 at 13:04

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